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Published on Monday 3rd of January 2022
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Periodically, throughout the lifetime of a watch, you may wish to change the strap or bracelet. This may be due to the fact that the existing strap is worn or damaged, or simply that you may wish to change the appearance of the watch.

What type, and size of strap do I need for my watch?


There may be the time when you wish your watch to have a brand-new strap or bracelet made by its original manufacturer, with the appropriate branding.  It may be that, due to the design of the case, only an original strap, made specifically for that watch, will fit. In either case, this is not a problem. Time-Piece Watch Repairs have parts accounts with virtually all of the major watch brands, and can source any item they make.

Occasionally, (particularly with regard to vintage watches), the lugs will have a permanent strap bar fitted to them, necessitating the use of a specifically designed ‘open-ended- strap. Once again, we can help, offering a wide range of straps in a variety of colours and textures. 

At Time-Piece Watch Repairs, we pride ourselves on the vast range of watch straps and bracelets we can offer you. We stock leather straps in a huge range of sizes, colours and designs. We can source genuine alligator, crocodile, lizard or Ostrich skin straps. We stock straps in rubber and resin.  Timepiece Watch Repairs are also official stockists of the famous Hirsch products. Hirsch are an Austrian company specialising in watch straps of the highest quality.  Swatch watches have a unique strap fitting system, so we also stock a range of Swatch watch straps.

 Hirsch straps

Hirsch straps


We have metal bracelets in stainless steel, yellow-gold plated or rose-gold plated. We have metal expanding (elasticated) bracelets, mesh or clasped bracelets in a variety of finishes and designs. We are sure to have something that will perfectly compliment your watch, and improve its wearability and durability.

Metal Bracelets

Metal Bracelets



Once you have decided the style of watch bracelet you wish to have, the next stage is establishing exactly what size of strap size you need.  The crucial measurement to take is the distance between the two lugs of the watch case. (See diagram).


Measure Strap width on Omega Planet Ocean
Measuring between the lugs to find the strap size. 


This measurement must be accurate to the millimetre, as an exact fit for your bracelet is essential. If the strap is too wide, then obviously it will not fit on to your watch. If the strap is too narrow, it will slide up and down the bar holding the strap on to the case. Any movement on this bar can result in the strap being pulled away from the case, risking the loss of the watch.

Whilst most modern watch cases come with lug widths measured in even-numbered increments (14 - 16 - 18 - 20mm etc), some watch cases, particularly vintage ones, have odd-numbered lug widths).

With a new metal watch bracelet, you may need links adding or removing to make a perfect, comfortable fit.

Whatever your needs are in terms of a new strap or bracelet for your watch, Time-Piece Watch Repairs can help you. If you are unsure on size, fit or even type of strap / bracelet, your friendly Time-Piece Watch Repair Technician will be happy to assist you in any way they can. Learn more about the services Time-Piece Watch Repairs can do for you.

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