History and Development of Rolex Air King

During and immediately after World War II, Rolex made a line of watches commemorating the brave efforts of the British Royal Air Force by creating a line of ‘Air’ watches for the pilots arriving home once the war was over. The line of watches consisted of four models: The Air-Lion with a round dial in a rounded square shaped case, the Air-Tiger, with a sub seconds hand at 6 o’clock, the Air-Giant with a larger case often seen in gold, and the Air-King with the largest case size of the four at 34mm, a large watch in its day. As the other models in the Air range were eventually discontinued, the Air-King, launched in 1945, would be the only one of the four to go on to still be made today.

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Updated Breitling Box Review

We recently received one of the updated Breitling Boxes, and although these were introduced in 2020 they are an optional swap when purchasing your Breitling watch from any main dealer, and this would appear to be why we are receiving watches with the alternative and more traditional Breitling box.

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Rolex Swing Tags

If you have recently been looking to buy a Rolex watch, (or you are already the owner of one) you may have noticed that the swing tags that come with Rolex watches have changed colour over the past few years. Up until 2015, Rolex swing tags were red in colour. Since 2015 these tags have changed colour and are now green. What do these tags actually mean? Why have they changed colour?

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Microsoft launch new smartwatch band

Microsoft has launched a new smartwatch style band, Microsoft Band which is focused on tracking the user’s health and fitness. The Microsoft Band will cost £169.99 in the UK and works with both Android and iOS smartphones. It is able to track heart rate, steps, sleep and calories and also has a built-in timer and alarm app. To add to this, the band also lets the user know when a call is coming through and displays emails, calendars and notifications. Microsoft is among the list of brands competing for the best smartwatch product this year. The Microsoft Band is dust and splash resistant.

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Bulova set to make set of Bluetooth clocks

Bulova, a brand that is celebrating 140 years in the timepiece industry, is set to launch a collection of Bluetooth enabled accent clocks at its first High Point Market appearance. The clock labelled ‘Time of your life clock’ has a wireless Bluetooth speaker that can play music from a phone, tablet or a computer from up to 20 feet away. The design is classic and suitable for different decorating designs and comes complete with rechargeable batteries and a universal charger so it can be charged anywhere in the world. There will be four different clocks in the collection, Merrick, Brookfield, Empire and Astor and each have different designs.

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Tiffany & Co. launch new timepiece collection

Luxury jewellery brand, Tiffany & Co. is launching new timepiece collections for 2015. The Tiffany CT60 collection includes over 20 pieces for both men and women. The collection features self-winding mechanical chronograph Swiss movements. Most watches in the collection will be made from stainless steel, however some models will be made from 18-carat rose gold. The Tiffany East West range will include watches with rectangular faces and made from stainless steel. Tiffany will also be releasing a limited edition timepiece which will be an 18-carat rose gold calendar watch with 42-hour power reserve and shock-absorption system. It will also have a sapphire crystal display. Only 60 of the limited edition watches will be released, and each will have an authentic number on the back of the case. The collections are said to be inspired by New York City.

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Rolex Submariner Date 'Starbucks' History

In 1953, Rolex started production of a new watch, after a man by the name of René-Paul Jeanneret, who sat on the board of directors at Rolex, came up with the idea to make a divers watch. The sleek yet sporty design used the Oyster case technology to make an everyday watch that had a rotating bezel, allowing divers to keep track of how much time had passed. The watch was unveiled at the Basel Watch Fair in 1954, and today is regarded as the staple of the modern tool watch. It is said to be ‘the reference among divers' watches’ by Rolex themselves.

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