The brand Tudor was originally created in 1926 to be a more affordable range of luxury watches, an alternative to Rolex. Tudor watches have then gained a cult following due to their affordable prices and timeless designs.



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Tudor watches, better known for being the sister company for Rolex, were established in 1926. They were created by Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex watches o fill a gap in the market and become a more affordable watch to Rolex. Tudor watches and Rolex watches were intertwined for nearly a century, up until the re-launch of Tudor watches in 2009 where they finally stepped out of Rolex’s shadow.

In 1932 the first Tudor signed watches made an appearance, initially rectangular in shape with beveled edges with some pieces even having the Rolex name on the case somewhere. Soon after in 1936 Hans Wilsdorf acquired the Tudor name and added the famed Tudor Rose inside a shield to the logo.

With an updated name of Montres Tudor S.A. and refreshed logo of a rose in the Tudor Shield, the company released a range of new watches. Beginning with the Tudor Oyster Prince and shortly followed by the Oyster Price Submariner. These were quickly followed by the Tudor Advisor alarm and the Oysterthin models. Tudor continued to offer a range of watches that used Rolex cases, crowns and bracelets all the way through the 19th century up until 1996 where the brand decided it was time to use their own branded parts.

In 2009 (for many countries) Tudor Watches began to get noticed again, standing up out of the shadow of Rolex. Tudor watches still keep tribute to their archives and older models, but have been updated with the times to have larger cases, better in house movements and being made out of modern materials, taking the best the Tudor had to offer and making it more relevant for today’s market. Although Tudor watches are owned by the same people that own Rolex, the brand tries to keep that under wraps to try to get rid of some of the negative stigma the brand received when they were first introduced.

From 2017 Tudor also announced the collaboration with Breitling. This collaboration went against all of the rules as we knew it and the two companies shared in house movements with each other to keep costs down and meet their needs, Breitling with the B01 chronograph and then Tudor with the MT5612.

The most popular Tudor watches are the Black Bay, the Pelagos, the North Flag and the Heritage.


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