SERVICE is our speciality.

Many watch repairs can be completed by our experienced technicians on a while-you-wait or same day basis in our bricks and mortar retail stores.

Some jobs however, such as the servicing of, and repairs on, prestigious brand watches need specialist equipment and expertise to complete, in which case we can use our separate, high-quality workshop facilities. We have workshops accredited by leading watch brands, with access to genuine parts.


Below is a non-exhaustive list of the standard services we provide on any make of watch. If there is something more specific you require which is not listed, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our prices for servicing and repairs are very competitive, and variant depending on the particular watch and the work necessary.  We can provide a free of charge no obligation estimate to you before any work is undertaken.


WATCH Repairs - Whilst-you-wait, or whilst you shop.


Watch Batteries. (With a re-seal if required) - We can expertly fit batteries to any make of Quartz watch. We use genuine Swiss-made Renata batteries, as fitted in many high-quality watch brands when manufactured, such as Omega. We stock a vast range of sizes and types of battery so we can usually fit one whilst you wait or within a short time-frame.

Also, for watches which are used in water we can re-seal, pressure test and guarantee cases waterproof for your peace of mind.

Watch Straps - We are able to supply and fit, whilst-you-wait, straps and bracelets from our vast range. We have a wide range of leather straps, in a variety of colours and styles. We stock and supply top quality straps direct from the original manufacturers of your watch.  We are official stockists of the renowned Hirsch watch straps from Austria. We can also offer custom-made straps in any colour or style specially designed to match your requirements.

We also carry straps in waterproof resin and rubber, nylon, velcro and military style. We carry out repairs or replacements on strap buckles and clasps.

Hirsch Strap Range
Hirsch straps


Watch bracelets - We can supply and fit a huge range of metal watch bracelets in stainless steel, gold plate, titanium and even precious metals. We have clasped, mesh and expanding style bracelets. All of these bracelets can be adjusted to ensure a perfect, comfortable fit.  Broken bracelets and clasps can also be repaired/replaced. Our stores carry a wide range of pins, bars, screws and rivets to repair a broken bracelet.


Metal Bracelets
Metal Bracelets


Bracelet Alterations - If you own a watch with a metal bracelet, links can be removed or fitted to make the watch comfortably fit your own wrist. We can offer this service even for watches purchased from other shops and jewellers. Indeed, many major retailers use our expertise and refer their own customers to us for this kind of job.

Valets - Over a period of time, your watch case and/or bracelet may pick up dirt or contamination just from normal daily use. Dirt can find its way into the smallest nooks and crannies of a watch bracelet which can make this dirt very difficult to remove at home.

We offer an ultrasonic cleaning service to rectify this. Any contaminated watch case or bracelet can be put into our ultrasonic cleaning machines. These machines, which work on the same principal as equipment used to clean surgical instruments, will remove any dirt that has become ingrained into the fabric of the watch, ensuring the watch looks its very best, and no dirt can transfer on to your wrist.     

Case & Bracelet Refurbishment - Any watch can get scratches just from daily wear and tear. We can clean and carefully polish your watch's case and bracelet to remove scratches and bring them back to excellent condition and look like new again. This is carried out with minute attention to detail, whether the watch be hi-shine, satin finish or a combination of the two. This refurbishment can be done as part of a full service or standalone job if the watch just needs a bit of attention.

Watch Glasses - Watch glasses can become scratched, dulled or chipped through normal wear and tear, or even smashed in accidents. Should this happen, we can help. Glasses can be replaced. We stock hundreds of round glasses in 0.1 mm size increments in both plastic and mineral glass. Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass is also available. If so desired, the genuine glass from the original watchmaker can be obtained.  If you own a vintage watch, or one with an unusually shaped glass, we can also supply custom-made shaped glasses to order.

Winder Buttons/Crowns - These can be renewed when worn or lost, and broken stems can also be replaced.

Waterproofing/Pressure testing - Watches are made with a variety of water-resistant capabilities. Some watches will not be water resistant at all, whereas other watches can withstand the pressure found at depths of several thousand metres underwater. If you are unsure, we can advise on the water resistancy of your watch. On a waterproof watch that is intended for water use, anytime work is carried out inside the watch (including a battery change) it is highly advisable to get the watch gaskets checked and the watch pressure tested afterward.   A pressure test can give you peace of mind as it will confirm that your watch is still water resistant to the manufacturer’s specification once a repair or battery change has been carried out.  A pressure test should also be carried out following a service, or occasionally when other case repairs are carried out such as a replacement glass, pusher or winder.

 Watch in Pressure Test Tank

Watch being Pressure Tested


Watch movements/servicing - We specialise in the servicing of mechanical and automatic watch movements, including those for all the top watch brands. These movements can be stripped down, parts cleaned, re-oiled, reassembled, then tested and calibrated to within the manufacturers tolerance.

Watches with quartz movements of any brand can be cleaned, repaired, and fully serviced. With many quartz watches, we may also be able to fit from stock, a brand new complete quartz movement.

All of the watch servicing carried out by us comes back to you with a written guarantee.

Dial restoration - Over the course of time, the dial on your watch may become faded and worn, or even suffer damage from an accident or the ingress of water. If this ever the case, we can restore the dial of your watch so that it looks brand new.

Watch valuations - If you have a watch that holds high monetary or sentimental value, we can provide you with a written valuation letter, ensuring that you can insure your item to an appropriate level.



We specialise in the service and repair of clocks. We can service mechanical and chiming mantle clocks, and we can repair / replace movements in quartz mantle and wall clocks.


Jewellery repairs

Chains, necklaces and bracelets - If you have a gold, silver or platinum chain with has snapped or broken, our jewellery workshop can repair the item and polish it to look like new.

Rings - A wide variety of repairs can be effected to rings should it be necessary.  Broken and worn shanks can be repaired or built up as required. Rings can be resized, bigger or smaller, to any size, particularly useful if a valuable ring has been handed down as a family heirloom. If a stone has worked loose from its setting, the stone can be secured, with the claws being rebuilt if required. Stones that have gone missing altogether can be replaced. We can provide no-obligation quotes to replace high value precious stones.

Clasps - We are able to replace any damaged or lost Bolt rings, Lobster and Trigger clasps.

Safety Chains - If not already fitted to the item, we can fit safety chains to safeguard your bracelets, chains, watches and brooches.

Custom Jewellery. - We can make a wide range of custom jewellery to your own design or specification.  Lost an earring? We can make a new one so that you can still wear an identical pair.  We can even melt down and use your own old gold or silver heirlooms - especially appropriate for sentimental Wedding Rings.


Scrap Gold

We want your gold!  Here at Timepiece we are happy to buy all your scrap gold. Whatever the condition of the gold, be it old or broken jewellery, single earrings where the other has been lost, gold watch cases or any random bits of gold you have lying around at home, we will buy this gold from you. We check our prices daily to ensure we can offer the best price. Just bring your gold along to the store and our staff can give you a price.   We also buy scrap silver, platinum and palladium.

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