TAG HEUER Professional

The Tag Heuer professional was released in 1978 as a reaction to the ‘Quartz Crisis’ within the watch industry, which saw many watchmakers disappearing from business.
Originally the Heuer Professional this mostly quartz collection was introduced by Jack Heuer as a way to offer a quality timepiece, with all of the usual accuracy and durability of the brands watches at a more achievable price than other divers watches on the market at the time.
The collection became a best seller for the brand and continued to do so when the brand became Tag Heuer. The Professional collection has since been renamed the Aquaracer, a name instantly recognised in the industry and by watch fans and maintains the quality and success of the original.




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The Tag Heuer Professional was originally designed and created by Jack Heuer as a reaction to the Quartz crisis and the growing popularity for diver’s watches.
Released in 1978 the Heuer Professional was offered as a sports watch, that gave the wearer the precision and reliability that had become expected of the brands previous models. Heuer was famed for their racing chronographs at this time, but Jack Heuer saw the importance of evolving the brand in order to survive in such a competitive and progressing industry.
The Professional was developed to be a quality timepiece that would accompany the owner on their adventures, maintaining the accuracy and durability of previous watches developed by the brand. The Professional was to be brought to market at a more affordable price range than those that came before and indeed those that were being offered by other brands without a compromise in its quality.
The design of the original models is often compared to that of the Rolex Submariner of its time, Jack Heuer spotted the growing desire for the ‘look’ that Rolex was offering and wanted to offer this style to those in the market for a sports style watch but a much more attainable price point. Most of the Tag Heuer Professional watches were powered by Quartz movements although some mechanical pieces were offered.
Due to the new collection's popularity, the model was made available in 4 different case sizes from 28mm-42mm just a year after its release.
The Heuer Professional maintained its popularity when the Heuer Brand became TAG Heuer and continued to be one of the brands best sellers.
In 2004 the Tag Heuer Professional officially became the Tag Heuer Aquaracer and continues to be one of the brand's best sellers. A limited edition Aquaracer Professional has been released paying homage to the original 1970’s model ref 844.
The Professional and Aquaracer continue to be popular on both the new and preowned market.


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