The Tag Heuer Link started life in 1987 as the S/El (Sports /Elegance) and was the first collection to be launched under the new Tag Heuer brand name following the acquisition of the Heuer brand by TAG (Techniques D’Avent Garde business group).
The Link collection was introduced as a bridge between the brands divers watches, which had formed the base on which the brand's reputation had been built, and a new generation of watch design.
The new generation offered a watch that was for all occasions and appealed to a wider audience.
The Link has gone on to be one of the most popular collections within the Tag Heuer brand and is instantly recognised by its iconic bracelet design.



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The first watch to be launched by Tag Heuer following the acquisition of the brand by the latter in 1987 was the S/El (Sports/Elegance) collection.
The range was designed starting with the bracelet, a unique formation of two ‘S’ shaped sections, slotting together to form one link section.
The model was released as an acknowledgment of the success of the brand's diving watches, offering a water-resistant watch, with a diver-like design and a more day to day style. Tag Heuer wanted this to be a watch that could be “worn with over a diver suit or with a dinner jacket”.
Watches in the range varied from standard 3 hand pieces, Chronograph and Analogue/Digital options.
In 1999 the S/El range was renamed Link, taking its name from its defining feature, the unique bracelet configuration.
The interlocking, double S shaped links gives the bracelet, an eye catching, yet beautifully smooth finish and allows for a perfect fit on the wrist.
The Tag Heuer Link Collection is elegant and sophisticated yet sporty in its style, designed to be the watch for all occasions and wears equally well for both dress and casual occasions and for this reason is one of the brand's most popular lines.
Within the Link range, as with its predecessor, there are quartz and automatic options, simple 3 handed watches, often set with mother of pearl & diamonds in the ladies collection, and Chronograph options.
The first generations were slightly more rounded with a chunkier profile, yet soft appearance, whereas the most recent versions are sleek with a slimmed down profile but retain the tell tail bracelet link style.


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