The Carrera was developed by Jack Heuer as a watch specifically for Professional drivers. The brands connection with motorsports is longstanding and at the root of many of Tag Heuers past and present collections.
All features of the Carrera have been created and adapted to optimise its readability, in keeping with its original intended purpose as a professional drivers watch.
2023 marks the 60th anniversary of the Carrera, Tag Heuer released a 600 piece limited edition watch to commemorate the landmark. The anniversary edition draws its design from the original 1963 model, replicating its style and colours used.
The Carrera is a sought after timepiece in both the new and preowned market.




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Jack Heuer created the Carrera in 1963 as a simple yet functional Chronograph for professional drivers.
The collection was named by Heuer after the notoriously dangerous Carrera Panamericana auto race. The race was held on four occasions between 1950 and 1954 and was a motor race that ran the length of Mexico which was over 2000 miles in just 5 days. The race was one of the most brutal road races and proved lethal for many drivers, for this reason, its run was short. Heuer took the name Carrera, which translates from Spanish to mean race, run, or career, and tied this in with his love for motorsport and simplistic design and created the basis of the Carrera that is still in production in the Tag Heuer collection today.
The Carrera was designed and marketed specifically to race drivers, with a simplistic chronograph dial that can be read at a glance, an under-glass bezel to remove as much detail from the dial as possible and clear markers.
The Carrera was one of the very first watches to be fitted with Heuer's self-winding chronograph movement.
The range now consists of 3 hand and chronograph options with sleek cases and simple dials in both ladies and gents styles.
Ladies options offer diamond set bezels and hour markers as well as new vibrant dial colours. The larger case sizes are available in the very simple, almost dress style but the brand also offers a selection of more of the sports style with some models fitted with ceramic bezels with a tachymeter scale.
The majority of models in the current offering are fitted with an Automatic movement and the range even includes a tourbillon.
The Carrera is still true to its motorsport roots with its sports functionality of most models, however, the range also offers a much more simplified selection that would easily lend itself to casual wear for any watch lover.


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