ROLEX Yacht-Master

The Rolex Yacht Master series is a close sibling to the Submariner series but instead of being designed to be used under the water it was designed to be used on top of it in super yachts. This soon evolved and the Yacht Master II was created with its fly back regatta timer, designed to be used in Yacht Racing.




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The Rolex Yacht-Master is a timeless classic and like many Rolex models comes in many different variations and sizes. Rolex are famous for producing high quality watches and mastering what they do. Due to the detail and expertise Rolex pour into every watch they produce they rarely bring out a completely new model. Rolex released the Daytona watch in 1964 and enthusiast had to wait a whopping 28 years for the next new model to be released. That watch was the Rolex Yacht-Master. Rolex lovers will agree it was worth the wait. The classic Yacht-Master model, the 126622, was an instant hit with watch collectors. Boasting the famous Rolex Oyster bracelet, striking blue dial and a platinum bezel for an extra touch of class and sophistication. Modern day versions of the Yacht-Master have seen some fairly drastic changes mainly to the case size. One of the most sought after Rolex watches in the pre-owned watch market is the 226659 model. This watch has a 42-millimetre case size. The Rolex Oyster-Flex rubber strap is fitted to the white gold case a very similar version of this watch is also available in Rolex Everose (rose gold).
Over the years the Rolex Yacht-Master has attracted many high-profile wearers ranging from David Beckham to Bruce Willis. Beckham, who is now a brand ambassador for formally Rolex owned Tudor, has been pictured wearing a 18kt Yacht-Master with a Mother of Pearl dial. Willis on the other hand, wore the more traditional stainless-steel version with ice blue detail and rhodium dial, personifying Willis’s cool persona.

As the name would suggest the Rolex Yacht-Master is a very common watch for keen sea farer. The watch’s sturdy case, whether that be in Rolex’s 904L steel, 18kt yellow gold or rose gold mean the watch has a very high level of water resistance perfect for any splashes the watch may receive or even if the watch enters water the watch will still maintain its very high performance.


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