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Possibly one of the most popular and recognisable Rolex models of all time the Rolex Submariner has two major variations, the date and non date. The Rolex submariner has had very little with regards to change apart from the few colour variations such as the ever popular and collectable Kermit, Hulk and Starbucks.

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The Rolex Submariner is one of the world’s most iconic Swiss watches and is as popular today as it has been since its release in 1953. The Rolex Submariner has been released in different forms over the years, coming with different model numbers such as the original 6204 right through to the latest model, the 126610LN. The 126610LN is a black dial Submariner on a stainless steel bracelet, however there are far more variations on Rolex’s flagship watch than in the watch’s early days.

You may have heard watch enthusiast refer to the ‘Hulk’ (116610LV), ‘Kermit’ (16610LV) or the ‘Smurf’ (116619). These particular variations of the Rolex Submariner are highly sort after and notoriously difficult to obtain. Owning one of these watches not only ensures you are lucky enough to own a beautiful time-piece but also gives peace of mind to the owner that they are sitting on a solid investment too. The Hulk variation models a beautiful green bezel and dial, the Kermit is recognisable for its green dial and black dial and both of these watches come on Rolex’s most popular sports bracelet, the stainless steel ‘Oyster’. The ‘Smurf’ holds the same features as other Submariner watches in terms of water resistance and case size, however this particular Submariner boasts a beautiful white gold bracelet making the watch heavier than other variations.

Rolex also have two-toned versions of this iconic sports model. ‘The Bluesy’ is one of the most recognisable variations. Introduced in 1988 with model number 16803, ‘The Bluesy’ instantly became a collector’s favourite and for many people to this day is seen as a dream watch. On the same model number Rolex also supply a two tone 18ct gold and stainless-steel watch with a black dial and gold bezel. In more recent times the above watches have moved on to the 126613LB model number. This is to reflect a number of subtle changes in the watch since its original release. These changes include bigger case size, crown guards and improvements to the ever-reliable Oyster bracelet.

The Rolex Submariner remains a world class watch popular all over the world and continues to be one of Rolex’s most sought-after watches.

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