ROLEX Precision

Rolex Precision were first developed and made available in the 1940s. This range of watches where more affordable compared to the others available at this time. The Precision has had many updates over the years, them adding a date model was extremely popular and the 34mm case was slightly smaller than the Rolex Datejust.



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You will see Rolex use the word Precision on some of their dials. These watches have not been certified by the Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometres also known as COSC. This has no bearing on the watch itself it’s just Rolex didn’t ask COSC to test their watch.

Rolex Precision watches were released by Rolex at a lower price from the main Rolex lines. Rolex offered a way for people to own a Rolex at a more affordable price.

The Precision was first seen in 1940s. The first was a simple dress watch in gold but later was available in steel. The precision model came with a simple snap back case back and an elegant dial and hands fitted on a leather strap.
1953 Rolex showed us the very popular oyster case. The oyster precision and oyster date came in date and no date version and was more resistant to water than older models. The model ran for over 35 years.

The Rolex precision was fitted with a mechanical hand wound movement and a slighter smaller 34mm case.


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