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The Rolex Oyster Perpetual range is steeped in history with many models beginning life as a variation of this and most Rolex watches having the words ‘oyster perpetual’ on the watch somewhere. The range of Oyster Perpetual watches have a sleek and uncomplicated design. The recent range of bright dials such as the tiffany and candy pink quickly becoming becoming a favourite.




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The classic Rolex oyster is the watch on which all subsequent Rolex models have been based. The Oyster claims the title of the worlds first waterproof watch.

In 1926 when Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf was looking for the ultimate way to prove the durability of his newly developed water and dust resistant Oyster watch case. As a result he approached Mercedes Gleitze who was the first British woman to swim across the English Channel. She wore the watch for the duration of the almost 11 hour crossing and it proved its durability and cemented the place of the Oyster watch and its waterproof case in Rolex history. Wilsdorf continued in his quest to prove the resilience of the Rolex oyster, supplying the watch to the team that consisted of Sir Edmond Hillary & Tenzing Norgay , who were famously the first explorers to successfully complete their expedition to summit Everest. Once again proving that the Rolex Oyster can withstand some of the most extreme conditions.

The Rolex Oyster perpetual range, not only has its roots firmly embedded in the history of the original timepiece from 1926, but also its design. The model still maintains the simplicity of an exceptional timepiece that gives the wearer the function Seconds, minutes, and hours without the complications of other models. Although originally fitted with a functional fluted bezel in its early days the Rolex Oyster is now renowned for its smooth bezel and oyster steel case , giving a classic aesthetic suitable for everyday wear.

Since 2020 new Rolex Oyster watches are fitted with an inhouse movement, made in its entirety by Rolex and as with all Rolex watches, the Rolex Oyster range are all COSC certified meaning that they have been tested and certified to ensure the accuracy and precision of its timekeeping.
Most Rolex watches will have the words Oyster Perpetual on their dial to indicate that the watch case is waterproof and that the watch is fitted with a self-winding movement.

The oyster perpetual is now available in the widest selection of case sizes of all Rolex models. Case sizes of 28mm, 31mm, 34mm,36mm and 41mm are all available, with the two larger now having a 70 hour power reserve and all other sizes have 55 hour power reserve .

The range has had huge success with its modern and striking dial colours, from pink and classic silver to the hugely desirable ‘Tiffany’ blue. Dial colour options vary across the case sizes. Unlike many Rolex models, the Oyster Perpetual is currently only available in Steel, the Oyster case is made from oyster steel which ensures the highest resistance to corrosion and harsh elements to stand by the watches origins and history.



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