ROLEX Milgauss

First designed and introduced in the 1950s. The Rolex Milgauss was specially designed to help medical staff and scientists. The words Milgauss translates to ‘Mille which is 1000 in French and Gauss, the unit for measuring magnetic fields’ This Rolex was the first watch to withstand high levels of electromagnetism. The Rolex Milgauss is known for its unique bright orange lightning bolt second’s hand.




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The Rolex Milgauss is a watch that is not known to most people like the GMT and Sub mariner ranges. The Rolex Milgauss is a well designed and fitted a purpose to whom needed a watch like this when the watch came to market.
Rolex were contacted by the European Organization for Nuclear Research in 1954. The Nuclear workers and medical professionals who were working with new technology and electromagnetic fields needed a watch which would with stand exposure to high levels of gauss. A simple small magnet can give 50 to 100 gauss which can cause small watch parts to distort and make the watch unreliable.

Rolex can up with idea to shield the movement with an inner case that redirected the magnetic energy away from the movement.

The first release was the 6543 which was tested and could withstand 1000 gauss. The name Millgauss was born, mille , French for 100 and gauss for the unit of magnetic density.
In 1988 Rolex had to remove the Millgauss range from its range as poor sales over the last decade. There weren’t enough people who were interest in the history of the watch many decided to buy the GMT or Submariner.

2007 would see Rolex relaunch the Rolex Millgauss 116400. Rolex used a new 40mm forged from 904L steel. New improved Calibre 331 had been fitted new improvement mainspring. The bezel was still smooth like the original, but Rolex bought back the electric bolt seconds hand in a new cool orange colour. The first model came with the option of a white or black dial with a clear sapphire crystal.

Rolex stunned us with follow up model 116400GV This elegant Millgauss was fitted a green tinted glass over a black dial.

The latest Milgauss Model has a new improved electric blue coated Zirconium dial fitted known as the Z-Blue.


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