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The flagship model of Rolex and the symbol of wealth, success and luxury. The Rolex Day-Date is certainly a head turner, first introduced in 1956 and was the first wrist watch to have the day and the date displayed on the dial. The watch design has remained relatively unchanged being made in precious metals with matching president bracelet.




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The Rolex Day Date is Rolex’s most luxury Timepiece by some stretch! First introduced in 1956 this all gold watch came with a full day and date feature on the dial. At this point in time Rolex offered 26 different languages for the day feature to keep all their worldwide customers happy! The president bracelet was also a new edition, different from the oyster bracelet used on other models.

From 1958 for the next 20 years Rolex used model 1803 which was a small upgrade form the older 6510 and 6511 models.

The Day date 1803 was available in Yellow, Rose and White gold and had an improved calibre the 1556. The 1556 Calibre was fitted with a hacking lever. The hacking lever would stop the seconds hand moving while the crown was pulled out while setting or winding. Rolex fitted a Pie Pan dial to its 36mm case. I have always enjoyed a Pie Pan dial as the edges of the dial are curved down to give you the feeling the dial looks bigger.

1977 upgrades! 18013 Model

Rolex again upgrade the calibre. The new 3055 calibre with quick date change and higher beat frequency for improved time keeping and power reserve. Rolex stop using their Pie Pan dials and went for flat more modern dials. Rolex 18013 offered choice of dials and bezels for this range. You will see emerald and ruby bezels fitted to some Rolex 18013 from this time.

Rolex added some newer models over the next few years, but it wasn’t until the year 2000 Rolex really ramped up the President Day date.

Rolex released the Day Date 118238. Still fitted in a 36mm Gold case and the original 3155 movement. Offered in yellow, Rose gold and white gold and the very nice Platinum. The president bracelet has been updated with solid links relacing the hollowed previous links and improvement to the 18ct clasp.

Between 2008 and 2015 Rolex surprised us by releasing a new Day Date 2, fitted with calibre 3136 and housing a 41mm solid gold case. Model 218238 Yellow gold, 218239 in Everose and the Platinum 218206. Rolex discontinued this in 2015. The same year Rolex released the new Day Date 40. Going to a 40mm case and equipped with an upgraded calibre 3255 powerful enough to have a 72 hour power reserve.

At this moment in time Rolex have the 36 and 40 models available in different metals and dial options



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