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Released in 1957 as the CK2915 and equipped with the calibre 321 movement, the watch was designed as a race timer aimed at the motorsport sector , the Omega Speedmaster , affectionately referred to as the ‘Speedy’ by collectors and enthusiasts, is a chronograph watch that has perfected its craft and become iconic.

The precision and accuracy that is firmly at the heart of this sports model has been taken to space, and even saved lives, with NASA crediting the Speedmaster with enabling the crew of the Apollo 13 mission to make accurately timed decisions resulting in them returning safely to Earth.

The original Speedmaster (ref CK2915) , fitted with the calibre 321 has been the basis for a watch that has undergone very few changes over the years with the calibre becoming legendary and highly sought after , so much so that Omega have revived the 321 calibre movement in a new heritage range .

Available in various models with cases sizes from 38mm-45mm there is so much more to the Speedmaster than the Moonwatch but this is a pivotal part of its history.




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An instantly recognisable name in the watch world, The Omega Speedmaster is the brands most famed watch, particularly for its part in space travel history.
The Speedmaster, introduced in 1957 was originally designed as a sport and motor racing chronograph and for this reason we saw the introduction of the tachymeter scale on the bezel of this sports watch, the first to be shown on the exterior of the watch.

Although the intention was to create a racing timer, it was not this new Tachymeter feature that propelled the watch into the history books. The Speedmaster can claim the title as the first watch in space, when Wally Shirra wore his own Omega when he took part in the Mercury programme, the USA’s first crewed space programme in 1962. Following the timepiece completing its first space flight, NASA went on to stringently test and certify the Omega Speedmaster for use on all subsequent manned space missions.
In 1969 when the world saw Buzz Aldrin take mans first steps on the moon with the Omega Speedmaster on his wrist, the brands place was firmly set in the history books and the moon watch era was born.

The brand continued its relationship with the space agency and released the ‘Silver Snoopy’ Speedmaster to mark the accolade that was given to the brand in 1970. The Silver Snoopy award is the highest distinction that can be given to NASA astronauts and was awarded to Omega in recognition of their contribution to space exploration and the part played in the safe return of Apollo 13. The ‘snoopy’ has the famous animated dog depicted in the left hand inner dial, the character was used by NASA as a way to add light heartedness to serious situations. The most recent Silver Snoopy Award Speedmaster was released in 2020 as part of the Heritage collection, for the 50th Anniversary of Omega receiving the award.
The connection with space travel is also represented in the Ceramic additions to the range with the Darkside of the Moon collection, a Black, Grey and White side of the Moon variations to depict the moon from different viewpoints.

The Speedmaster has barely changed in its lifetime, maintaining its original chronograph function, manually wound movement and external tachymeter bezel detail .
Omega have added new models to the Speedmaster range but most have a reference to the originals and all maintain the simplicity, accuracy and classic yet sporty style of those from the 1950’s and 60’s.

The existing offering includes the incredibly popular and sought after Moon watch, powered by the calibre 3861 movement and completed with either a solid or sapphire crystal case back. Both have an inscription on the case back ‘Flight qualified by NASA for all manned space missions , The first watch worn on the Moon’ or ‘as worn on the moon’ on watches with a crystal case back.

The Speedmaster ’57, part of the heritage range is inspired by the original Speedmaster that was created as a race timer. The original model and the new ’57 version both have the ‘Broad arrow’ hands which are very popular with watch enthusiasts and collectors as they are not used on any other post moonwatch model. As with the majority of pieces in the speedmaster range the ’57 is powered by a manual wind movement, this one fitted with the 9906 calibre.

Another watch in the Heritage subsection of the collection is the Calibre 321, a tribute to Omegas famed watch that was worn for the USAs first steps in space. The modern movement taking its inspiration from the original model CK2915-1 , with the watch bearing the vintage omega logo and moonwatch hands. As with the original process, the new calibre 321 movement is all assembled, start to finish by a single watchmaker to ensure absolute precision.

The Omega Speedmaster is a true icon in the watch world, whether a new piece from the modern range or a pre-owned classic, this is watch on every collector and watch lovers list.


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