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The Omega Genève was quite unlike any other Omega watches of its time when it was released in the 1950’s, with its dress style, simplistic dials and the unusually shaped cases of some models.
Initially the word Genève was added to the dial of some of Omegas higher end collections such as the Seamaster, as a symbol of the award-winning movements created by Omega at their Genève
The Genève then went on to become a collection in its own right as a sleek and elegant dress watch, which was far removed from the sports styles that had become synonymous with the brand.
The Genève was in production until the 1990s’s, in its lifetime the collection offered many variations of its simple form, beginning with its classic round dial but evolved to cushion shaped, barrel shaped and the most unusual oval shaped case. The oval shaped case came with the launch of the Genève Dynamic in 1968. The Genève Dynamic was launched as more contemporary timepiece to appeal to the younger end of the market. The Dynamic was available in many dial colour, bracelet and strap options but was discontinued in the late 1970’s.
The Dynamic went on to be re released twice, once in the 1984 as a more streamlined version but with many similarities to the original and again in 1997 with its more military style and less reminiscent of the original design, it was finally discontinued in 1999.


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