OMEGA Aqua Terra

The classic and sophisticated design of the Seamaster Aqua Terra gives the wearer a classy, everyday watch with high performance capability.
Launched in 2002, the Aqua Terra does not fit the typical sports profile of other Seamaster collections but is a fierce contender where performance is concerned. The range has seen many models and variations throughout the years but has maintained its reputation indicated by its name that it can be worn seamlessly from land to sea. With its 150m water resistance as standard, chronometer certification and reputation as one of the best anti-magnetic watches the Aqua Terra is the perfect combination of style and substance .



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Launched in 2002, and fitted with the calibre 2500 movement, a modified Swiss ETA movement the sleek and simple Aqua Terra was a stark contrast to the existing Seamaster range. A sporty and resilient watch with a sleek and classy appearance.

The range was upgraded in 2008, with the new generation being fitted with the calibre 8500. This new, in-house co-axial movement came with many improvements from the movements stability, precision & power reserve to the addition of an innovative silicon hairspring providing the wearer with a more accurate performance. The silicon is more shock resistant, resistant to magnetism and less affected by outside factors such as heat that its traditional predecessor.
The Omega Aqua Terra is a nod to the brands Maritime heritage that spans back to the 1930’s. The majority of the models still bear distinctive striped dials, representing the teak decks of luxury yachts, again linking the watch to its sea fairing history but with a reminder of its prestige, durability and luxury.
The Aqua Terra has further evolved over its two decades, with its most recent watches being available in a range of metal options, steel, gold and now the ‘ultra-light’ which is made from gamma titanium and is the most expensive option in the range. All current automatic models are both COSC and META certified to guarantee its chronometer status and anti-magnetism.

The Aqua Terra has joined the many Omega watches to, now infamously, appear on the wrist of fictional MI5 agent James Bond. Daniel Craig wore the Aqua Terra in both Skyfall and Spectre movies. A partnership so renowned, with watch and 007 fanatics eagerly waiting to see which watch will appear in the famous film franchise.


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