Longines began its journey in 1832 in St-Imier, Switzerland. From here it has developed into a brand with a large following within the watch industry.  Some of its highlight models in Master Collection, Hydroconquest Automatic, Aviation BigEye and DolceVita.



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The watch manufacturer Longines started initially as Raiguel Jeune & Cie. And it wasnt until 1867 when they opened their first manufacturing factory in 1867 in an area named Es Longines meaing Long Meadows, this is where they found the name which we all know now Longines. Their iconic logo has been kept the same throughout their history and is known to be the oldest valid trademark in the International Registry at World intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).

Very similar to other manufacturers in the 19th Century, Longines only made pocket watches, due to the demand of these at the time. The demand for pocket watches diminished and then rose the wrist watch. The first Longines wrist watch ever produced was a 13.33Z, these watches were delivered to soldiers during the first World War, due to the practicality of not having to reach for a pocket watch. Following the world wars, Longines found themselves focusing mainly on the production of their wrist watches.

In 1927 the pilot Charles Augustus Lindbergh successfully completed the first non-stop flight over the north Atlantic, and after successful completion he collaborated with Longines in order to develop a watch which secured precision during flights, which changed the aviation industry for the future.

Through the 1960s Longines had many successes. In 1967 they created the most accurate mechanical watch, which was named the Ultra-Chron. Following this in 1969 they created the first Quartz controlled watch, which had a Longines developed quartz movement.

During the 1970s Swiss Watch Manufacturers competed to create the thinnest watch. In 1979 Longines created the Deuille D'or which had a thickness of 1.98mm and was crowned the thinnest watch, this how now been beaten by brands such as Richard Mille & Piaget.

Watches are very commonly spotted within the James Bond films most commonly Rolex and Omega, however Longines has been frequently worn within the sets, Longines can be seen in Casino Royal, Skyfall and Spectre.

As well as being spotted in films, Longines are very prominent within the sports industry by sponsoring tournaments & athletes, most commonly associated with the equestrian scene.


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