The Cartier Santos is one of the most widely recognisable watches in the Cartier catalogue, its unique square shape is instantly known within the watch industry. First mass-produced in 1911 the Santos range has increased drastically, using new materials, movements, sizes, and technology.



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First created in 1904, Louis Cartier created the first ever wrist watch for his close friend Albert Santos Dumont, who was a Brazilian Pilot. Whilst flying aircrafts Albert faced the problem of checking his pocket watch, he found it very hard and distracting to do, this led Louis to make a watch with a leather strap, which was the first wristwatch to be made. And following this creation, the Cartier Santos Dumont was first mass produced in 1911.

In 1978 Cartier created the Santos De Cartier; this watch was a sportier design featuring an integrated bracelet. Initially this model was just released in stainless steel, however later on they decided to create a bi-metal version, which became a very popular model in the 1980s.

Coming to the end of the 1980s the Santos model was growing in popularity. Following this, in 1987 Cartier released the Santos Galbee. This model had a more curved case shape, which made it look a lot more aesthetic on the wrist, and was a quartz watch. This model range was last released in 2005, and had many different variations of the model.

At the 100-year anniversary for the creation of the wristwatch, the Santos 100 was introduced; it came in large (41 mm) & small (36 mm) variations. This model featured an ETA caliber 049 and 176 movements. This era within the Santos range is when Cartier began experimenting with materials, such as PVD stainless steel and precious metals.

The Santos range was finally updated after much anticipation in 2018, the new models still maintain the original Santos square shape, and Cartier have taken many aspects from their earlier models. Once again this watch came in a selection of different sizes so that it can cater for everyone’s different needs. The new Santos came with many more variations than previous models, which a variety of materials such as Steel, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold & PVD coated Steel. As well as this Cartier brought out a new Skeleton version of this watch such as WHSA0015, which is an absolutely stunning model. Their new models contain an in-house automatic movement 1847 MC, which has a 42 hour power reserve.



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