The Breitling Navitimer is one of the most instantly recognisable watches on the market, with its detailed dial with multifunction capability and it’s groove edged bezel which is functional as well as an eye-catching design feature.
The Navitimer is fundamentally a pilots watch with the capability to provide the wearer the means to carry out their important in-flight calculations.
The range is deep rooted in Breitlings history from its origins in the 1950’s, to the 1960’s,when a collaboration of some of the biggest names in the industry produced its first Automatic calibre, right up to today that gives us a Navitimer that has moved with the times and required very few changes.
The Navitimer is now fitted with an inhouse Breitling movements and appeals to those that require its functionality as well as those that are attracted to its unique and finely tuned Swiss design.

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The watch was designed for pilots by Willy Breitling, who wanted to give them a watch that allowed them to carry out their in-flight calculations as well as read the time, all on one instrument. The watch was fitted with a slide rule, that Breitling had previously used on their early Chronomat models, a Tachymeter and a chronograph.
This multifunction watch enabled pilots to carry out all of the necessary mathematical calculations including distance travelled, average speed and fuel consumption on their wristwatch and was fitted with a grooved edged bezel (originally a beaded design) , that is now synonymous with the range, added to allow for ease of use and accuracy when using the bezel to make the aforementioned calculations.
The development of the range continued and the first Automatic Navitimer came in 1969, when the watch industry was changing and quartz movements were beginning to grab the attention of the modern market.
To maintain their presence, Breitling teamed up with other important and now famous names in horology, Jack Heuer, Gerald Dubois renowned for chronograph movements and movement manufacturer Buren, who went on to become part of swatch group watch brand Hamilton. They worked together to enter the race with other big brands Zenith and Seiko to produce the first Automatic Mechanical Chronograph movements.
All Breitling Navitimer watches are now powered by Automatic movements.
The Navitimer original features, although updated over the past 70 years, have remained as key features of today's Navitimer range solidifying it as a pilots must have, as well as a watch lovers favourite.
The Breitling Navitimer was originally designed with a 41mm case to give a large readable dial, in the 1960’s Breitling added a huge 48mm case to the collection which was extremely large for the time.
Navitimer watches are currently available in case sizes from 35mm – 46mm, in a variety of metal and dial combinations including 18ct gold and diamond and are powered by Breitling’s in house Chronometer certified movements.
The Navitimer remains a staple part of the new and pre owned watch market.

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