The Breitling Colt was introduced to the brands offering in the 1980’s just as quartz watches were becoming a key player in the industry and was offered originally as a quartz only range. As the collection grew automatic options were also released.
The watch became a popular collection for Breitling and appealed greatly to a younger and more frugal customer with its lower price point, 200 meter water resistance and all the durability and class that was associated with the brand.
Despite its origins being based around a design for military use , the Colt , with its 24 hour bezel , clear dial and chunky features was a hit with consumers until Breitling ceased manufacture of the collection in 2020.
The Breitling Colt is still a popular choice for those looking for an entry point, luxury and durable Swiss watch on the preowned market.



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Launched in the 1980s, the Breitling Colt was designed with the military in mind, with durability, ease of use and legibility all at the forefront of its design. Released at a time when quartz movements were seeing a huge industry take over all original models were battery powered. The Breitling Colt has long been priced as the brands entry level timepiece which has cemented its popularity from its launch in the 80’s to today in the preowned market.
Over its lifetime the Colt range has consisted of both quartz and automatic versions and offered the customer a three hand, chronograph and for a short time, a GMT model, but throughout it has maintained its clear and unfussy dial design even on chronograph versions.
The most recent automatic models were fitted with COSC certified movements, guaranteeing the ultimate precision, for which Breitling have built their reputation.
One of the most recognisable details of the Colt range is almost certainly its 4 bezel riders at the 15-minute marks, which have now become a regular design feature of Breitling watches.
In 2018 Colt was added as a Sub-collection of the Avenger range but unfortunately due to its similarities to the Breitling Avenger, the Colt was discontinued by Breitling in 2020.


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