The Breitling Chronomat was originally launched in the 1940’s and was intended as a tool watch for scientists, but in the years since, the collection has evolved to be more fitting to the pilot market, with many features that we see in the Navitimer range as well as other aviation models.
The Chronomat is one of the brands most popular watches and is instantly recognisable to watch enthusiasts, its infamous bezel rider and slide rule have been constant features since its launch.
Breitling now classify the watch as an all-round sports model that will fit with the lifestyle of the wearer, whether that be daily casual wear or sporting endeavours.



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The Breitling Chronomat is one of the brands most popular and much-loved models. Introduced in the 1940’s with its integrated slide rule, the watch was initially made for use by scientists to make mathematical calculations however, developments that were made by Breitling for the aviation world and changed the path of the Chronomat forever. By this time Breitling had firmly placed its name in the aviation world and had the likes of the Navitimer firmly in place as a pilots favoured timepiece, so upon its relaunch in the 1980’s the watch was marketed as an all-round sports watch.
There have been many enhancements made to the Chronomat since the 1940’s but the modern range still takes inspiration from its roots.
Modern Chronomat models carry features that we are now familiar as part of Breitlings identity, its slide rule that is also present on the Navitimer models and the rider tabs that the Chronomat is famous for, designed in a way to make for ease of use of the unidirectional bezel.
The greatest change came in 2009 when the Chronomat was the first Breitling to be fitted with the calibre B01, a fully inhouse Breitling automatic movement.
The Chronomat is now designed to be a watch to wear for all occasions, whether it be casual day wear, sports use or as part as dress wear for those special occasions. There have been many style features over the past 40+ years that have made the Chronomat one of the most popular Breitling models. The preowned market is where the Chronomat on a pilot link bracelet can now be found, a sportier style of bracelet with a chunkier style. The most recent launches are now fitted with the Rouleaux bracelet more commonly known as ‘the bullet’ bracelet, with its soft and rounded links which have been revived from earlier bracelets in the Breitling offering.


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