Originally names the Navitimer 8 and swiftly renamed, the Aviator 8 is one of the newer collections in the Breitling range.
The Aviator 8 was introduced in 2018, the collection brought together the new technological advancements that the brand had achieved and the long, illustrious history that Breitling has within the Aviation industry.
Despite its youth in comparison to other models, the Aviator 8 is popular in the brand's current offering as well as in the preowned market.




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The Breitling Aviator 8, released in 2018, was originally named the Navitimer 8, this created confusion with the existing Navitimer range and the decision was made a year later to rename the collection the Aviator 8 to differentiate the two collections.
The Aviator 8 was created as a love letter to the brands long held connection with the aviation world and its long history of Breitling’s Huit Aviation department making instruments for aircraft and their pilots, with the intention to retell the story of the history prior to the iconic Navitimers introduction. The Aviator 8 is a contemporary take on the original aviation pieces.
The Aviator 8 combines all the classic features created by the brand from the 1930’s but with the modern technology that Breitling has perfected over its lifetime.
The collection consists of 3 hands, chronograph, and even a world timer the ‘unitime’, with some of the most recent timepieces being powered by the in-house B01 movement and now as standard are chronometer certified.
Breitling has created special and limited editions dedicated to aircrafts of eras past such as the Curtiss p-40 Warhawk an American WWII fighter plane and the De Havilland D.98 Mosquito, a British aeroplane. The Aviator B01 Mosquito carries details reminiscent of the colours seen on the aircraft.
Although the Breitling Aviator 8 is still part of the current catalogue, the earlier models are very much sought after on the Pre-owned market, particularly the special and limited pieces.


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