The Avenger is the poster watch to show Breitling’s strength in the aviators watch market. Renowned for its impressive design and powerful presence on the wrist, the Avenger showcases why the brand is a leader for timepieces in the aviation world.
Released in 2001, the Avengers chunky design, clear dials, large case sizes and special design features give the perfect combination for a functional pilots watch, that is as much of a hit with watch enthusiasts as it is with pilots. All of this combined with the immaculate precision and durability that has become standard for Breitling watches makes Avenger one of the industry leading aviators watches.



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The Breitling Avenger was developed with an amalgamation of the Aviator 8 and the Navitimer collections in mind bridging the gap between the original boldness that has been adapted for the modern aviation era.
Continuing the success and firm place that Breitling has secured itself in the Aviation world, the Avenger offers an impressive timepiece to be worn with confidence by those that require precision and reliability along with a watch that will go to the extreme with them.
The Avenger has many subtle but very important design features, from the grip pattern that is found on the crown and pushers to the recognisable riders on the bezel, which are all added to ensure that the watch is easy to use even when wearing gloves.
The purpose of this watch is to be highly functional and capable accessory to accompany the wearer to the ends of the earth, from the skies to the ocean.
All automatic pieces in the Avenger range are certified chronometers and offer the precision that has been perfected by Breitling across its history, all pieces are a minimum of 300m water resistant with some models in the Avenger Seawolf offering a water resistance of 3000m.
Within the Avenger collection you will find a number of subcollections such as the Seawolf as mentioned above, which gives the wearer a pilots watch with greater water resistance that can perform to the same standard below the water as it does in the sky.
Night mission, which is a collection of Avengers that are created using Titanium, black DLC coated case in place of the Steel cases seen in the case of other models all with 300m water resistance. The night mission is also available as part of the Seawolf collection, simply meaning that is has the greater water resistance.
The super Avenger offers all of the qualities of the rest of the collection but with a oversized 48mm case.
The Breitling Avenger is offered in Chronograph, standard 3 hand and GMT options. Even the smaller of the case sizes in this impressive range starts at 43mm.


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