Most of us wear or at least own a watch, whether it’s a watch that you’ve bought yourself or a watch that you’ve inherited from a loved one, they are such an important fashion accessory that it’s rare for a person to not own at least one. But while we all love watches for what they do and how they look, watches haven’t always been so complex, since the very first watch was invented times have really changed and they look set to continue evolving and developing in the future too.


So let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at how watches have evolved over time. 

First of all, here are a few important dates in the timepiece industry, without these events watches would not be as significant as they are today.


1541 – The Swiss watch industry was created, today Swiss watches are among the most popular in the world and they are renowned for their impeccable style and manufacturing. This was a huge point in the history of watches.


1812 – The first wrist watch was created by Breguet, this was an important year as when they were first invented they were only worn by women, now they are worn by both men and women. The actual concept of the wrist watch travels back to the sixteenth century.


1822 – The idea of a timepiece that measured distance was by Nicholas Rieussec and it was the beginning of a very successful chronograph era.


1957 - Quite a while after that the first successful electric watch was manufactured, watch makers had obviously been trying for a very long time before they finally got it right. The first digital electric watch followed 13 years after that.


Now you’ve had a brief introduction into the events that have guided the watch industry to where it’s at today, we can start to discuss how they’ve actually evolved. Not just in terms of manufacturing but in terms of fashion too. Firstly, when watches were first made they were all mechanical and were driven by clockwork, now they have electronic movements and are more accurate than ever (thankfully) – you can even buy watches that tell you the time in different countries.


Secondly, they look so different don’t they? Before watches became fashionable they were used mainly to tell the time while on the go (the whole point of a watch). Now they are seen as a fashion statement. With a different type of watch for every person it’s unbelievable how the appearance of a watch has changed over the years. Of course there are still traditional watches on offer but there are also brands such as ICE watch which have created a product that simple and bright with minimal detail – completely different to the way watches looked when they were first invented.


Watches have evolved in the way that they work, the way they look and what they are used for, who’d have thought that there would be a watch that measures your heartbeat or a watch that has apps? We definitely didn’t see that coming!


We’re excited about what the future holds for watches and we can’t wait to see what new inventions are created!