Would you like to own a watch that costs over a million? We would, but we’d be worried to ever wear it in fear of ruining it! It’s hard to believe that there are watches in the industry that cost more than ten million pounds, but they are collectible items and if it’s an original or an antique watch then people are happy to pay the price. The total costs comes down to the materials that the watch is made from - often diamonds, gold or platinum, the time that it takes to make (some can take years) and the detail that goes in to the watch (you need to have immaculate attention to detail), and then it’s value.


We’ve done some research on these luxury watches and we’ve found our favourites. So without further ado, here are three of our favourite most expensive watches in the world.


1.  Patek Philippe, Henry Graves Pocket Watch - $24,000,000 (around £15,000,000)

This watch broke the world record for being the most expensive watch that has ever been sold at an auction, but it actually broke its own record from 1999. The watch has been called the most important watch in the world, and some have even said that it’s one of the many wonders of the world. It took a total of nine years to research and manufacture and has 33 complications and you can tell that it’s one of a kind – no wonder it’s so expensive!


2. Chopnard 201 = Carat watch - $25,000 000 (around £15,946,159)

If it’s diamonds and sparkle that you’re after then this watch may be the one for you - if you’ve got nearly 16 million to spare that is. It was the most expensive watch in the year 2000 but it is still the most expensive jewellery watch on the market. It’s got a small watch face which is surrounded by lots of very pricey diamonds, there are so many that even when you look closely you won’t be able to see them all. Despite the fact that it may not be very useful for actually telling the time, it looks beautiful.


3. Breguet Grande Complication Marie-Antoinette - $30,000 000 (£19,133,896)

This watch was originally made for the French Queen Marie Antoinette, unfortunately it was completed 34 years after her execution so she never actually got to see it. But if she did she would have seen a watch that’s encased in gold with delicate details and a face that shows off its true beauty. If we could afford this watch then we would definitely buy it! Unfortunately it’s not actually available to purchase, it’s kept in the L.A. Mayer Museum after it was stolen in the 1900s.


As you can see, these watches aren’t for those with a normal bank account. You need to be incredibly rich to be able to afford one of these luxurious timepieces. However, if we could then we would. They are designed with the utmost detail and precision and they are all manufactured beautifully, which is why they are so expensive. All of these watches are irreplaceable, even if they were made again they wouldn’t have the same value, and that’s why people love them so much, they are truly timeless. 


Which watch is your favourite?