Watch Winders, What are they and do I need one?

Published on Tuesday 16th of November 2021
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Watch Winders, What are they and do I need one

An automatic watch is a beautifully built piece of engineering, to many the pinnacle of class, style, beauty and precision. By wearing a Rolex, Breitling, Omega or many other Swiss brands, you are wearing the craftsmanship of the highest form. Like many mechanical items, your watch benefits from being used and run rather than being left to deteriorate. Inside the watch there is a movement made up of wheels, springs and levers, all of which need lubrication to ensure it runs smoothly and keeps time accurately.

A watch winder is a box (small or large) that inside has a place for your watch and gently rotates so that the watches movement is wound and running ensuring that all the wheels, springs and levers are kept lubricated so that the watch runs as it should. This will theoretically mean that as your watch is being used and the movement is always lubricated, and the oil won’t settle and coagulate, this will mean that you will not need to service the watch as often, saving you money. As the winder keeps your watch wound it keeps it running which means the next time you wear your watch it should be the right time and / or date (assuming the movement is accurate etc), making it more convenient to change or choose the watch you want.


Wolf Watch Winder Cub
Wolf Watch Winder Cub


Many of these automatic watches are very costly and often we take extra care when wearing them, however watches can get damaged even when we are not wearing them, perhaps by knocking them off the side table or other things banging into them when in a drawer. Having your watch in a winder will protect your watch and prevent this from happening to them.

Keeping your watch in a winder also makes your watch more of a statement, meaning it is always on display and ready for you to enjoy whether you are wearing it or not. Watch winders come in an array of sizes, ranging from single to multi watches, depending upon your collection.

Author J Edwards


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