Updated Breitling Box Review

Published on Monday 6th of September 2021

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We recently received one of the updated Breitling Boxes, and although these were introduced in 2020 they are an optional swap when purchasing your Breitling watch from any main dealer, and this would appear to be why we are receiving watches with the alternative and more traditional Breitling box.

The initial thought when looking at the box was the size of it and how much smaller it was even to the more common Breitling boxes, never mind the boxes of other luxury watch brands. However on further inspection it was clear to see that everything you would expect from a watch box was there. There was plenty of space for the watch, the papers (or card directing you to Breitling website) and the instruction book, all neatly tucked away in the box. The watch was sat on its own watch cushion as you would expect, however when this was inspected further the cushion was not your usual cushion and when it was unrolled it became a watch travel pouch, a nice touch for those who take multiple watches when they travel.

The final thing that was noticed was that when the box itself was not being used, it could be flattened and everything inside it could also be flattened to save on storage space. Which I thought was especially nice, as personally I do not display my watches in the box they arrive in but rather in a watch winder (for automatic watches) or a display box with multiple watches for those watches that would not benefit from being in a watch winder, so the box gets put in a cupboard never to be seen again.

Breitling have said they have created this watch box to help reduce their environmental impact as the box is made entirely or recycled PET plastic bottles, therefore once it is no longer needed the box itself can be recycled once more. But also with the reduced size and ability to be flattened it does not require much space when being transported and reduces the amount of energy required, again reducing the carbon footprint.

Initially I was not very keen on the updated watch box, however upon further consideration I actually think this watch box is a great bit of innovation that has considered the needs of the user and allowed Breitling to do exactly what they set out to do, reduce their carbon footprint. Personally I would choose this box when purchasing a new Breitling watch. That being said I understand that there are many watch collectors out there that do keep their watches in their display boxes and they do look great if you have the space, meaning that the choice of watch box will be entirely personal and this bold move by Breitling will not go un-noticed and time will tell if other watch manufacturers follow suit. 


Further information about the updated Breitling Box can be found here


Breitling Box 1
Breitling Box open 2
Breitling Box travel pouch 3
Breitling Box flat 4

Author: J Edwards


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