Swiss Made, What does it mean?

Published on Wednesday 8th of December 2021
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Many brands of luxury watches, such as Rolex, Omega, Breitling and Tag Heuer, have the mark ‘Swiss-Made’ on the dial of their watch but lots of people do not fully understand or even know what this means. Watches with this mark usually cost more than those that do not have it on.


The ‘Swiss-Made’ label was initially brought in by the Swiss Government in order to keep an eye on what was truly made in Switzerland. Swiss made watches have always been regarded as high quality and the Swiss Government introduced this mark to monitor and ensure that watches with this mark were up to that high standard of beauty and craftsmanship.


Tag Heuer Aston Martin Swiss Made
Swiss Made on a Tag Heuer Aston Martin Watch Dial 

However being given the mark of ‘Swiss-Made’ is not as difficult as one may think and not all parts are required to be made in Switzerland. For a watch to be considered Swiss-Made the watch must be finished and put together in Switzerland and at least 60% of the parts value must be made in Switzerland, allowing companies to source some parts from other places in the world at a cheaper cost.


Swiss-Made watches are considered to be some of the best made watches in the world for both quality and craftsmanship, adored by many and sought after by those.


Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi Swiss Made
Swiss Made on Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi 



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