How to set the Rolex Submariner

Published on Saturday 4th of December 2021
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How to set the Rolex Submariner


The Rolex Submariner range is offered by Rolex as part of their ‘Professional Watches' collection. It has a clean and classic design that has remained virtually unchanged since its release in 1954. It is widely considered the staple of the modern tool watch, and is said to be ‘the reference among divers watches’ by Rolex themselves. There are a few differences in the models, with the main one being the Date and Non-Date versions.


Both the Rolex Submariner Non-Date (114060 / 124060)  and Submariner Date (116610LN / 126610LN) models have a handy single direction bezel that allows the wearer to measure dive times of up to 60 minutes. The single directional bezel prevents the diver from knocking the bezel and adjusting the dive time so that they believe to have more air available than they actually do have, reducing the risk of accidents happening. Each hour marker and the hands on the dial are filled with a luminous material that enables the time to be read in the darkest of environments (read more about the Rolex Lume here). The bracelet of the submariner models has an Oysterlock double fold safety clasp with the additional feature of the Rolex Glidelock fine adjustment system. This is designed so that when the watch is being used for diving, it can easily be fitted to fit over a wetsuit.


To set the time on the non-date version simply unscrew the crown and pull it out to the first notch before rotating the crown until the hands show the desired time.

How to set your Rolex Submariner from Rolex on YouTube.

To set your Rolex Submariner Date start by unscrewing the crown, then pulling out to the correct notch. The first notch allows you to set the date whereas the second sets the hands and time.

To begin we recommend setting the time to between 5.25 and 7.35, thus protecting the movement inside. Then push the crown into the first notch and setting the date to the previous date. Once this has been set pull the crown to the second notch and wind the time forward so that the date clicks over, then once this has happened set the watch to the desired time. Finally once the time and date is set push the crown back in and screw it back up onto the case to ensure the watch is sealed and it maintains its water resistancy.

Author: Watches by Timepiece 

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