How to set the Rolex GMT Master II

Published on Tuesday 1st of March 2022
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Possibly one of the most iconic Rolex models of all time the GMT Master was initially created for pilots of the Pan American Airways and since then has grown and developed its own following. The GMT Master II has some of the brightest colour schemes available on any models of Rolex, some of the most iconic ones being nicknamed the Coke, Pepsi and Batman / Batgirl.

The GMT Master II has a 4th hand with a 24 hour rotating bezel so that pilots could offset the time and record the time zones of two places on their watches. This allows the watch to record the time back home and the local time.

To set watch, start by setting your ‘home’ time by rotating the bezel so the triangle is facing the 12 o’clock on the watches dial. Then release the crown by screwing the crown down and pulling it out to the second notch, before spinning the hour and minute hand shows the time on the dial of the watch. Then to set the time of the destination you are in and the date, simply push the crown into the first notch and spin, the hour hand will move in a jumping motion independently of the other hands until the correct hour and date is displayed.

Should you then want to tell the time of a different time zone, simply spin the 24 hour bezel until the time is compensated on the bezel so the 4th hand is able to point at the time using the 24 hour markers on the bezel.


How to set your Rolex GMT Master II from Rolex on YouTube


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