How to set the Rolex Day Date

Published on Wednesday 16th of February 2022
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How to set the Rolex Day Date

 The Rolex Day-Date is the flagship model for all Rolex watches. It is often associated with power and wealth, for many it is the epitome of success. It was the first wristwatch in the collection from Rolex to have both the day and the date displayed on the dial along with the time. But perhaps the most distinguishing feature on the Rolex Day Date would be the president bracelet (learn about Rolex bracelets), 3 piece semi-circular linked bracelet, that was designed specifically for this watch.  


Since its introduction onto the Rolex collection the Day Date has remained relatively unchanged in design, but it has had many updates including updated to the movements, case size and an introduction of diamond set dials and bezels.


To set the day and date on the Rolex Day Date 40 with the caliber number 3255, simply unscrew the crown and pull it out to the first notch then rotate the crown clockwise until the correct date appears in the cyclops lens, located at the 3 o’clock, then rotate the crown counter-clockwise until the correct day is shown on the top of he dial. To then set the time pull the crown out to the second notch and turn the crown in either direction until the watch displays the correct time. Finally ensure the crown is pushed in and screwed back up to ensure the water resistancy.

How to set your Rolex Day Date from Rolex on YouTube

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