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Published on Thursday 22nd of February 2024
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Rolex 'Starbucks' 126610LV watch


The Rolex Submariner 126610LV was released in 2020 and has become known as the ‘Starbucks’ due to its signature green bezel and black dial that are reminiscent of the famous coffee chains logo colours. The 126610LV is not the first Submariner to be adorned with the vivid green bezel, its predecessors, 116610LV, The Hulk and 16610LV Kermit which both had the unique green feature.

Upon its release Rolex fans were anticipating that a new version of the Hulk was going to be introduced to the collection, as it had been discontinued after 10 years, just months before the new models release but instead, along came the new Starbucks model with its rich green bezel and Black dial which was in fact, more reminiscent of the Kermit which had been released for the 50th Anniversary of the submariner in 2003. The new submariner came with a larger 41mm case and new calibre 3235 movement to offer its wearer a 70-hour power reserve and of course the brands highly polished Cerachrom bezel.

The 126610LV are now often referred to as mark 1 and mark 2 styles, this refers to the notable change in bezel colour. When speaking about the Rolex Starbucks Mark 1, this refers to the original model which was fitted with a deep, rich green coloured bezel, similar to the tone used on The Hulk. The Mark 1 models were in production from 2020-2023 and were replaced by the Mark 2 models in May 2023. This second-generation model bears a more vibrant, grass green bezel which is more reminiscent of the ‘Kermit’ Submariner.

Rolex have once again made changes to the model as they have with many models in order to maintain and improve the desirability of a piece. The Mark 2 has been seamlessly integrated into the catalogue with enthusiasts applauding the subtle, yet effective colour change and leaves the original coloured bezel a sought after piece in the preowned market.

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