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Published on Thursday 21st of October 2021

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Great Britain has always been heavily involved in the invention and development of timepieces from the very first days dating back over two hundred years. Starting with Robert Hooke’s balance spring from 1664 and Thomas Mudge’s lever escapement from 1755, then all the way to John Harwood’s automatic winding mechanism from 1924 and George Daniels coaxial escapement being the latest improvement.

By the 1880’s, Britain did produce approximately half of the worlds watches. British watchmakers contributed much to watch development. Unfortunately, the British watch industry declined over the decades and became almost nonexistent after the invention of quartz watches.

British watch brands started to fight back over the last two decades with the main one being Roger W Smith , who is one of the only 100% British created watch. Roger is originally from Bolton near Manchester and took over from George Daniels (who died in 2011) as the best watchmaker in the UK. Roger W Smith’s watches are created, at his own small workshop, in the Isle of Man with only ten per year coming out for sale.

The only other 100% British produced watch brand is Robert Loomes and they are situated in Stamford, Lincolnshire. This watch company does produce a little more than Roger W Smith, 400 per year, still using their own workshop and local companies in creating their watches to make sure it remains 100% British.
Bremont watches and Garrick watches are both British based watch brands but unlike the previous two are produced partly out of the UK. They are still adding to the increasing number of British watch brands available to purchase not only in the UK but around the world.

Author: M Flanders

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